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Oil Processing

Tryharder Farms has developed a process to preserve the beneficial properties of Emu Oil products. The processing starts with on farm slaughter. We control the butchering so that we have clean raw fat. The fat starts degrading as soon as it is stripped from the bird. Therefore, we fast freeze in thin layers to preserve it from oxidizing. When we are ready to render the fat, it is thawed and put through our customized rendering process. First, a hydraulic press breaks up the connective tissue and fat cell membranes to aid in faster oil extraction. Next, the product is heated to liquefy it, and then double filtered. Our process minimizes exposure to heat and oxygen to prevent oxidation and peroxides from forming. The last step is thin film distillation. This removes residual water and bacteria from the oil. We use less heat, so that the oil properties are not altered, compared to the commonly used commercial steam deodorization process. Finally, the oil is sealed with nitrogen and ready for bottling.


Hydraulic Press


Thin Film Distillation

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