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About Us

Tryharder Farms is a grain and Emu farm situated on the Canadian prairies. We have been raising Emus since 2000, and our number of birds peaked at approximately 500 in 2007. Since then, we have reduced our flock to a more manageable level and are focusing on quality and sustainability going into the future.

While many have exited the Emu industry, we stand behind our products and believe in the benefits that the birds provide to our clients. We raise our birds on grain we produce, and we do not use any antibiotics or unnatural additives.

Our Canadian winters provide the perfect environment for Emus to put on maximum fat pads in the fall. We slaughter the birds on the farm to reduce stress in handling; therefore, we have minimal bruising in the fat tissue we extract. We strive to create an environment with large enough pens and natural surroundings. Thus, a happy bird is a fat bird. Emu production as with all livestock requires care and diligence to maintain quality and minimize stress for the bird and the caregiver.

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